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Kikyo's last breath

Over on the mother site, Lisseromen has a review of one of the most emotional episodes of InuYasha: The Final Act yet. The episode, “Among the Twinkling Stars“, bids a tearful farewell to one of the series’ main characters, and there isn’t a dry eye in the house, from SideReel to the official VIZ Media blog!

Read her review on SideReel now! And remember, SideReel is always looking for more enthusiastic reviewers!

Well, Kagome, at least they're not tentacles.Over on our parent site SideReel, Lisseromen has posted a review of the latest InuYasha: The Final Act episode, titled “The Mausoleum of Mount Azusa.” She loves the episode, and thinks that the anime is headed in the right direction after a stumbling start.

In her words, “The plot again thickens and I could not be happier! Another amazingly powerful ending and another frustrating cliffhanger. Now this is what I love and have come to expect of InuYasha!” See the full review over at SideReel, and if you’re interested in doing some featured SideReel reviews yourself, let me know!

Inuyasha and Koga getting all medieval on Moryomaru.Well, looks like I was wrong about InuYasha: The Final Act. Over at the mother ship SideReel, Lisseromen has posted a glowing review of episode 6, saying that the show has recovered its magic. If I had to summarize her excellent review of the episode in one word, it would be “Wow.” Read the full review at SideReel!

If you’re interested in becoming a weekly reviewer for SideReel, let me know, we’re always looking for more fans to make themselves heard!

Here comes the weekend, and that means it’s time for a quick overview of what’s coming and what you should catch up on!

Tomorrow night, One Piece episode 425 airs, and it’ll get the latest story arc into full swing by introducing the villain of the arc, Magellan. The last few arcs of One Piece have been non-stop greatness, so I continue to recommend this show to anyone and everyone who will listen. You just… have to make sure to skip the anime filler, because it will make you angry.

Speaking of angry, Lisseromen, our resident Inuyasha: The Final Act reviewer at SideReel, hasn’t been very happy with the pace of the new Inuyasha. It’s been going too fast with the “ooh, I have a new special move” treadmill lately at the cost of its characters and story, so unless its shapes up fast, it’s probably not worth your time.

And on the “You should watch this” front, I am a recent convert to The Time of Eve. It’s 90 minutes of true science fiction, as a couple of young men are forced to come to terms with the age of androids and their own feelings about where they fit in society. The writing and direction are brilliant, and best of all, it’s available for free and perfectly legally via Crunchyroll. It’s only 90 minutes, and you’ll be a better person for watching it. I promise!