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What you see above is the trailer for Time Paladin Sakura, a magical girl OVA by Circus that’s going to be released in November this year. The story takes characters from Circus’ game series Da Capo and mysteriously shrinks some of the characters to third graders, changing what was originally a high school romance into a cutesy magical girl show. It’s very reminiscent of what turned Triangle Hearts into Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha, which is funny to seiyuu whores like me because of Tamura Yukari’s connection to both franchises. Sadly, Tamura Yukari no longer plays Sakura, but given how low the budget of the production probably is, that was to be expected.

Meanwhile, TBS has been busy putting up trailers for Yumekui Merry and Soredemo Machi ha Mawatteiru, giving you your taste of dream-eating monsters and maids alike. Sadly, the MM! trailer is limited to Japanese viewers only, so even though I can link to it on YouTube, I can’t actually show it to any of you.

And then we have the trailer for the OVA adaptation of Koe de Oshigoto!, which you should most likely watch with headphones while no one’s around. It’s not adult content per se, but it’s very, very suggestive, given its subject matter. As you may recall, the story is about a young girl who’s coerced into becoming a voice actress for her sister’s adult game company, and has to learn the ins and outs of… ins and outs.

I can’t believe I just wrote that.

The trailer itself looks way different.

I have to admit: I never heard of the light novel series Rokujouma no Shinryakusha until today, when Hobby Japan released an amazing English language trailer for a mysterious project. The page comments narrow down the possibilities to either an anime or a game, which isn’t very specific, but it does a good job of raising interest in a not-very-notable novel series. An official announcement will follow in June, but  in the meantime, the sometimes hard-to-understand trailer describes the strange tale of starving student Satomi Koutarou.

Due to his family’s financial circumstances, young Koutarou is forced to live in a small apartment (Rokujouma means 6-tatami, which is about 99 square feet) on a budget of 5000 yen a month (~$55US). On the plus side, he lives rent free, but on the minus side, that’s because room 106 of Corona Apartments is cursed. As is the norm in these supernatural high school comedies, the ghost is a cute young girl, and hijinks ensue when she tries to drive him out. Between the haunting, Koutarou’s nosy neighbors, and a self-styled magical girls flying to the unneeded rescue, there’s way too much for the impoverished young man to handle.

Honestly, this isn’t the kind of thing I’d usually check out, but I’m a sucker for trailers that mock the Trailer Guy’s voice. We’ll find out what is going on with this property in June, but until then, I may just add these novels to my queue.

(Source: Moon Phase)

You think they're trying hard to sell this one?

Image from Akiba Blog.

The latest Mizuki Nana single from the Nanoha movie, “Phantom Minds,” has hit #1 in the charts – but that really doesn’t mean much. As houkoholic at seiyuu3 points out, her 21st single isn’t even the #1 best-seller among Mizuki Nana singles. It’s just not a market where CDs sell, and the sales rose to the top of a weak field. So, not that impressive as a milestone, her 30,000+ attendance concert at Saitama Super Arena was more astounding.

But what this does give me is an excuse to provide you readers with more music from her latest single, as well as some of her more amazing insert songs from the Nanoha series.

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Little Princesses, just like Love and Berry.Sega, which previously found success with its Love and Berry and Mushiking game franchises, is trying to recapture the young girl crowd with Lilpri – Yubipuru Himechen (very roughly, “Little Princess – Change into a Princess With a Shake of Your Finger”), a fiendishly addictive combination of magical girl fantasy and collectible card game. The game lets girls live out fantasy lives as magical princesses, using a point system to buy a huge selection of hairstyles, wardrobes, and accessories for digital avatars Yukimori Ringo, Takashiro Reira, and Sasahara Natsuki.

While this has a near-zero chance of making it over here due to children’s anime being very hard to market, it’ll be interesting to see how they turn a collectible card game into a magical girl show. I’m guessing it will be plotless and cute, with an emphasis on trying to get kids into arcades playing this game, but who knows – some arcade games have made good anime, like, umm…

Okay, I have nothing. Idolmaster and Quiz Magic Academy made pretty bad anime…

I... don't know how to feel about this show getting a third season.Did everyone have a good weekend? I spent most of it playing Tokimeki Memorial 4, but there was plenty of motion in the anime world. Among other things, we have a manga sequel to magical girl series Shugo Chara, an anime sequel to parody/history/moe anime Shin Koihime Musou, and a note of recognition for one of my favorite shorts of the year!

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She's 8. Who gives an 8-year-old a miniskirt?

I’ve always had a strange relationship with the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha series. On the one hand, it’s a great fusion of the magical girl tradition with the kind of high-flying, high-tech action more suited to a mecha series. On the other hand, it stars a pair of third-graders wearing thigh-high leggings and really short skirts. Because of this, I’ve always been interested in it but unable to make it through a full episode without feeling like a criminal.

The new trailer for January’s Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 1st (that’s a mouthful, isn’t it?), a complilation of the first Nanoha season, shows off everything that’s both good and bad about the series: amazing music, the kind of action that belongs in a Gundam series, and panty shots of 8-year-olds.

The movie is a retelling of the first Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha series, where rival magical girls Takamachi Nanoha and Fate Testarossa compete for the mystical Jewel Seeds. The animation has been redone to movie quality and all-new music has been written for the movie, and I have to admit – it’s tempting. Very tempting.

Image from ZEN, the artist for the Little Busters! manga

While I sat around and waited for my copy of Baldr Sky Dive2 to come in the mail over the long weekend, the anime world was far from idle, with plenty of announcements and other news.

– The upcoming Key (Clannad, Kanon) anime Angel Beats! announced the performers for its opening and ending themes.
Heartcatch Precure!, the seventh season of the Precure magical girl series, was announced.
Strike Witches 2 was given to a new studio, after the dissolution of Gonzo.
– Asahi Productions (Hello Kitty) opened a new animation studio outside of Tokyo, which will make an all-new anime property based on… a rice ball samurai?

Read all the fresh news after the jump.

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Yeah, this is going to end well.KBC TV announced today that Kaitou Reinya (“Phantom Thief Reinya”) will join its anime lineup in January. The show adapts a series of 4-panel comedy comics about a girl named Reinya, who works at a convenience store next to the police station by day and moonlights as an infamously elusive cat burglar by night. The extra twist to this familiar formula (see: Kaitou Saint Tail, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne) is that Reinya is based on a real girl named Tanaka Reina, who is a member of the well-known girl-pop group Morning Musume.

What you anime young’uns out there might not now is that this is merely the latest example of a long tradition of turning pop idols into anime characters, so you shouldn’t just dismiss this as a crass marketing ploy. More on the older shows, including some ’80s tunes, after the jump.

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