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What you see above is the trailer for Time Paladin Sakura, a magical girl OVA by Circus that’s going to be released in November this year. The story takes characters from Circus’ game series Da Capo and mysteriously shrinks some of the characters to third graders, changing what was originally a high school romance into a cutesy magical girl show. It’s very reminiscent of what turned Triangle Hearts into Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha, which is funny to seiyuu whores like me because of Tamura Yukari’s connection to both franchises. Sadly, Tamura Yukari no longer plays Sakura, but given how low the budget of the production probably is, that was to be expected.

Meanwhile, TBS has been busy putting up trailers for Yumekui Merry and Soredemo Machi ha Mawatteiru, giving you your taste of dream-eating monsters and maids alike. Sadly, the MM! trailer is limited to Japanese viewers only, so even though I can link to it on YouTube, I can’t actually show it to any of you.

And then we have the trailer for the OVA adaptation of Koe de Oshigoto!, which you should most likely watch with headphones while no one’s around. It’s not adult content per se, but it’s very, very suggestive, given its subject matter. As you may recall, the story is about a young girl who’s coerced into becoming a voice actress for her sister’s adult game company, and has to learn the ins and outs of… ins and outs.

I can’t believe I just wrote that.

Fukou da!

Image from DenDen House

Comic Market 78 came and went with a great deal of fanfare last weekend, and animation studios didn’t miss the opportunity to tease hundreds of thousands of fans with their upcoming shows. If you’re willing to endure the sound being drowned out by the buzz of a convention floor, hit the jump and check out previews for highly anticipated shows like To Aru Majutsu no Index II and Kami Nomizo Shiru Sekai, as well as quirky dark horses like Shinryaku Ika Musume and S&M comedy MM!

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Expect a whole lot of this.

Expect a whole lot of this.

Anime Expo keeps filling up with events I want to hit up, and the latest announcement from the anime convention adds another to that list. The show will host Black Lagoon creator Hiroe Rei as a guest of honor, and he’ll be bringing the first episode of the new Roberta’s Blood Trail OVA series with him. We’ll be able to get a sneak peek at the third series in the action series on July 1st, over two weeks before the official DVD and Blu-Ray release.

I may have said earlier that I wasn’t looking forward to this OVA because I didn’t like the manga’s story arc, but I am a huge sucker for exclusive premieres and hope I am not on duty when this screening takes place. Make it happen, AX!


Weird? Yes. Funny? Also yes.

The freakish tableau you see above is a diorama created by store employees at Gamers in Akihabara. I’ve always loved the crazy little displays they put up to advertise upcoming products or just mess with people (one of my all-time favorites is repurposing School Days‘ infamous “There’s no one inside” for a reminder about bathroom etiquette), and the little spread they have up to advertise the upcoming Fist of the North Star/Dynasty Warriors hybrid, Hokuto Musou, is brilliant.

The full pictures of the “Southern Cross Maid Cafe” are up on Akiba Blog, though you should be warned that many of the ads over there are unsafe for work. Also, those of you with weak stomachs may not like seeing Heart-sama and Raoh trying to act cutesy.

What could go wrong?

As you may remember from a previous Manga Monday, I’m a fan of the Kaichou ha Maid-sama! (AKA Maid Sama!) manga but with reservations about its sustainability. The TV anime version of the popular shoujo manga is coming up after this season regardless of my misgivings, and for those of you who’re interested in the convergence of maids, high school students, and romance, the official site for the show has posted the anime trailer that showed at December’s Comiket 77, which provides a sneak peek at some of the animation and the cast.

Personally, I’m a bit disappointed in the casting, but I’m not going to say much more than that lest I incriminate myself with my knowledge of the drama CDs, which came with various issues of the Hakusensha-published shoujo anthology LaLa. No sir, you’re not getting me to admit to anything.

You know how I said earlier today that we’re hopefully heading toward the end of the moe boom? Ladies versus Butlers! makes a mockery of my optimistic prediction, as it exemplifies the fan servicey nothingness that has dragged down the industry in recent years. Maybe, just maybe, it will prove me wrong. But more likely, the series will be exactly like the trailer: full of panty shots, miscellaneous boob jokes, and not much else.

This is the power of drills!

Weaponized fetish hair. This is how far we've come.

Ladies vs. Butlers is the latest light novel to get the anime treatment, and when it comes out in January, you should have a good idea of what to expect just from the title. But hey – the last anime that combined the master/servant dynamic with high school was Hayate no Gotoku!, and that one turned out great. So let’s take a slightly deeper look at what Ladies vs. Butlers (AKA LadyBut in Japanese, I kid you not) has to offer other than characters wearing fetishized servant outfits and rich girls acting high and mighty and strangely lovable.

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