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The logo for Digimon Xros WarsThis July, Japanese TV is resurrecting the Digimon franchise, a long-running kid’s show that features young children who can summon ever-evolving monsters to fight evil in the Digital World. Digimon Xros Wars is the first Digimon series since 2007, and in spite of myself, I really want to see every minute of this once it’s out.

Digimon found a lot of success overseas and was fairly popular over in the States back in 1999, but it tended to get overshadowed by the Pokemon juggernaut. The series sucked me in a lot more than the media giant, though. Digimon was surprisingly mature and and complex for its target audience. The characters were explored in more depth than your average Pokemon, and the plotlines tended to be much more serious and enthralling than the average lighthearted adventure. Plus, the original Digimon Adventure theme was badass. So listen to the awesome “Butter-Fly” and don’t judge me for wanting to watch Digimon in my adult life!

This is a manga about punching. If you don't want punching, go somewhere else.With Trigun experiencing a revival with the upcoming movie, I was originally going to talk about Trigun Maximum in this space. Then, I realized that Trigun is over a decade old and many of you have already read it. On top of that, my copy of Yasuhiro Nightow’s latest manga, Kekkai Sensen (roughly, “Blood World Battlefront”) came in the mail, and I spent some time checking out his new work.

It’s an interesting little modern fantasy manga, but I don’t know how much of my interest comes from the fact that Nightow is behind it and how much of it comes out of the actual quality of the art and story. After all, Nightow himself said that the manga exists because he wanted to make “a manga where people shout out the names of their attacks,” and there’ no more generic manga type than the fighting fantasy.

More after the jump!

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It wasn't my thing, but it should find an audience.In a surprise move, NIS America, the American branch of Nippon Ichi Software, announced that it has moved into the American anime industry. The press release listed four anime titles that are set to be translated and released on DVD (and who knows, maybe via streaming or download): Toradora!, the 2008 vehicle for tsundere queen Kugimiya Rie, Persona -trinity soul-, the anime sequel to popular RPG Persona 3, Pandora Hearts, a strange gothic fantasy that borrows from Alice in Wonderland, and Our Home’s Fox Deity, a modern fantasy about an ancient spirit protecting a family from demon attacks.

It’s interesting that Toradora! went this long without an American company picking it up, and the other shows on the list are pretty interesting grabs too; even more interesting is how NIS America’s entry into the anime market will shake things up (if at all). More speculation on that after the jump.

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Cover for volume 3 of World Embryo

The French cover sure is... purple.

I’ve been reading Moriyama Daisuke’s World Embryo for years, and I was excited back in 2008 when Dark Horse announced its release plans for the Chrono Crusade creator’s current work. Sadly, the book has yet to materialize in America – current listings have it pegged for an August 2010 release, which is a very long time to wait for fans of Moriyama’s work, especially since World Embryo in many ways surpasses Chrono Crusade.

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She kicks high.

Image from Risarule on pixiv.

Rosario + Vampire is a strange beast – it’s a manga I got into because the anime was so dumb, I had to see what redeeming qualities the manga had. Because, let’s be frank about this, the anime has pretty much nothing going for it, except the opening and ending themes are sung by Mizuki Nana. People kept telling me that the manga was better whenever I watched an execrable episode of the anime, and they were right – it’s definitely an improvement over the plotless blob of merchandising that called itself an anime, though I still have some reservations about it.

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Sometimes, I wish that variety shows were still viable on American TV, because Japanese variety shows sometimes pull out the craziest and best skits ever. To promote the upcoming Ultraman movie, a recent variety show brought in a host of Ultramen and held an audition for monster parts in the movie. But not just any audition of rubber suit-clade stuntmen –  it was a dance contest. A Michael Jackson dance contest.

The meat of the dancing starts at 1:45, and it’s all worth it. I especially love the Billie Jean pelvic thrusts from the Pressure Alien (the orange one).

The titular princess of Princess Resurrection.On a recent trip down to the Japanese used book store Book Off, I managed to snag a near-full set of the light horror manga Kaibutsu Oujo (AKA Princess Resurrection). I’ve had a mild interest in the series since 2007, when I heard about the anime, but didn’t watch it because I’ve never been a fan of modern horror. I was pleasantly surprised by the presentation of the manga, which presents each chapter as a miniature horror movie, but with a stronger leaning toward the old, classic horror style rather than the gorefests of today.

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Pokemon Diamond and Pearl moviesThe gap between Japanese release and English release continues to shrink, and industry site ICv2 reports that tonight, Cartoon Network is airing the Pokemon: Arceus and the Jewel of Life movie, a mere four months after its Japanese theatrical release. The movie, which is the twelfth in the long-running Pokemon series and the last of the Diamond and Pearl trilogy, will air several times on the network before its DVD release early next year.

Don’t be embarrassed if you still like Pokemon – just enjoy the fact that it’s still around and watch the movies, which are usually high quality affairs. Trailer’s after the jump.

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