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Not shown: disappointed fans.

Because there hasn't been a sad girl in snow on the front page in a while.

Bandai emerged from its winter hibernation today and dropped some big news: not only do they have the license for the well-received The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya movie, but they’ll be testing the waters with small theater releases starting in May. Viz’s New People theater here in San Francisco will screen the film adaptation of the fourth Haruhi novel on May 21st, and Bandai says that the movie will have a small run in Hawaiian theaters starting in June.

I’ve been itching to see this movie for a year, so this is great news for me, and about a hundred other San Francisco anime fans. Who’s going to be there with me watching the Haruhi universe turn upside-down on May 21st?

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Envious? Yeah, I am too.Over on the Trigun official movie site, they’re now streaming one last trailer before the movie makes its international debut at Seattle’s SakuraCon and then hits theaters in April. The trailer shows a bit of the story of the movie, which stars several new characters who apparently ran into Vash the Stampede when they were young and hold some kind of grudge against him – probably related to the Humanoid Typhoon coming through and ruining their hometown when they were young, but that’s just an educated guess on my part.

After reading Kekkai Sensen last week, I’m all psyched about Yasuhiro Nightow’s work again, and this makes me feel even more envious of those Seattle convention attendees who will be getting an advance screening. Argh!

FUNimation is doing everything it can to get you excited about a release that’s not only a remake of a 15-year-old anime, but a cleaned-up release of a DVD they released just last year.

If you’re still interested in Evangelion 1.11 in spite of the fact that there are only 3 minutes of truly new footage (the rest of it is a video transfer fix from some issues with Evangelion 1.01), you should check out some of the many, many trailers FUNimation has put up in anticipation of the March 9th release of the high-definition release of the Evangelion remake. FUNi has even been kind enough to put everything in a single Evangelion 1.11 YouTube playlist so you can see what you’re in for.

Convincing people to buy the same product twice is always a tough sell, and I see FUNimation facing a bit of an uphill battle with so much Eva out there already – are any of you going to buy this one? If so, why?

Little pop idol's gonna have to get himself some muscles...

Image from AnimeNation

ANN has posted some very happy news that comes with some big reservations – classic Japanese hero Yabuki Joe (think Rocky, but Ashita no Joe came 8 years before) is coming to the big screen, with mega-hot singer/actor Yamashita Tomohisa (AKA Yamapi) playing the title role. While I am all for having the Japanese Rocky on the big screen, and I think it has the potential to be a great movie, I have to sigh and shake my head at the casting.

Ashita no Joe‘s Yabuki Joe is the archetypal working-class hero, made of gristle and grime and sweat, while Yamapi embodies modern mass-produced entertainment: he grew up in the Johnny’s stable, grew up as a dancer, led a boy band, and spends much of his time in front of cameras or performing in arenas packed with squealing lady fans. It shouldn’t rattle me that they chose him to play the lead because he’ll put butts in the seats, but… well, read more about the essence of Yabuki Joe after the jump to get to the heart of why I hate this.

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Yeah, that won't cause anyone nightmares.

Aniplex’s site for Masunari Kouji’s science fiction adventure, Welcome to the Space Show, has opened with a trailer meant for the Berlin International Film Festival – to view it, click on the green “Trailer” button at the top of the page. Thanks to the international film festival, the trailer is subtitled and narrated in surprisingly good English. It looks like a great children’s adventure, following young Koyama Natsuki and her friends as they have one of the wildest summer vacations ever. After she and her friends rescue a dog who actually is an alien, they ride a jungle gym into space and meet all kinds of fun aliens.

This may sound simple and dull to you, but the team behind it is filled with all-stars, who previously worked on Kamichu! and the R.O.D. TV series. The animation looks as good as you’d expect from an anime film, and the backgrounds and other visuals look great too. The first look at this film will come in Berlin, but it’ll hit Japanese theaters later this year and, with any luck, it’ll see an international release shortly afterward.

Rikuo and Sammy.Hidden in all the news about the upcoming anime season is the Time of Eve movie trailer, which is now being streamed from Yahoo’s GyaO service. The trailer unfortunately shows nothing we haven’t seen before – the movie collects all six episodes of the science fiction shorts and adds in a small amount of new footage, but you’d think that they’d show at least a little of it in the trailer.

If you still haven’t watched Eve no Jikan/Time of Eve yet, I can’t recommend it enough. It only takes a few minutes per episode, and is fascinating all the way through. The movie is mostly an excuse to get it to a bigger audience, and there’s nothing to stop you from watching it now – especially since it’s streaming for free on Crunchyroll.

The first, brief hints of Studio Ghibli’s next movie, Karigurashi no Arrietty, based on the classic children’s book “The Borrowers,” have started showing up in the form of teaser trailers. The teaser shows very little other than some of the forest and house backgrounds, though Cecile Corbel’s “Arrietty’s Song” sounds wonderful. Follow the jump to hear a slightly longer sample of the strange marriage of a French musician, the Celtic harp, Japanese anime, and British children’s books.

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