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Have you guys gone and watched Nichijou/My Ordinary Life yet? I haven’t! But I recently noticed the credits for its opening song, “Hyadain no ka-ka-kata*omoi” (“Hyadain’s un-un-unrequited*love”). Maeyamada Ken’ichi, also known as Hyadain, has been one of my favorite remixers for years, and it was a big surprise to see his music featured in an anime.

From this quirky op, you can see lots of Hyadain’s musical trademarks – chiptune sensibilities, and a whole lot of backing himself up with falsetto. Check after the jump for more of his work, from cute and harmless Dragon Quest remixes to slightly risque love songs to Mega Man.

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Last week, Lantis went ahead and released a Love Live! trailer that actually shows you what the song sounds like outside of the instrumentals. Is it cute? Eh… I guess. Is it catchy? It’s okay, I guess.

Is it so bad that it only sold 434 copies? …Yeah, kind of, especially in the animation and originality departments. You make the call.

As long as there's no Kageyama' I'm okay.

For lovers of anime music, the Animelo concert series led by JAM Project is like watching the Dream Team year after year, as all of the best . But having been there once for the 2008 concert, let me tell you that I have no urge to stand out in the August heat in Tokyo for one more minute in my life. It was a great concert, but unless it decides to move to a less humid time of year or a cooler climate, I’m not going back.

So, while their announcement of a November concert in Shanghai doesn’t affect me directly, it gives me hope that within a couple of years, we can see something like it in the US. It’d be a pretty tough sell to try and fly that many acts over the Pacific unless they’re 100% sure they’re going to sell out, but its very existence means that JAM Project’s international tour, which touched American shores at Otakon in 2008, was successful enough to make international ventures viable to Japanese promoters. So, I’m hoping that the Shanghai concert sells out overwhelmingly, and that in 2011 or 2012, the Animelo concerts will come to my neck of the woods. Hit the break to see some of the great performances and anime all-stars that have graced this concert series over the last six years.

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Anime song mega-label Lantis has posted the full 344-second “Yasashii Boukyaku” (“Gentle Oblivion”) as its latest promotional video on YouTube, and I’m surprised at the fan reaction to it being so divided. It’s a melancholy and mournful tune, very fitting for the upcoming Vanishment of Haruhi Suzumiya movie and its sad-girl-in-snow pace. The movie is a mere week away, and hopefully the American arm of Bandai will be survive long enough to release the movie for us – it’s a good novel, and should be more than enough to make up for that train wreck that tried to pass for a second season.

What do you think?

It’s been a long time since the heyday of Shiina Hekiru, so it’s entirely possible that you don’t know who she is. Her most famous role came 15 years ago, as Hikaru in Magic Knight Rayearth. After that, she gained a lot of popularity as a singer, especially after a 1997 concert at the legendary Nippon Budokan that made her the first seiyuu ever to perform at the prestigious venue. Her seiyuu career has been spotty in the years since, since she’s focused much harder on her music career – one of her only recognizable roles from the last ten years is Yamawaro in the Hell Girl series.

But what I remember her for is a minor role in one of the best video games ever made; sadly, a huge chunk of it was cut from the American release. In her role as the fairy familiar and the functionally identical half-fairy in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, she spent a lot of time pointing at walls, but there was a great little easter egg that required equipping a lyrics card and having Alucard fall asleep in a chair with the half-fairy out. Check it out after the jump.

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Mizuki Nana, as seen on the cover of the Astrogation single.Today’s tunes are inspired by my love for Mizuki Nana as a singer, with a nod to Kouhaku Uta Gassen for acknowledging that Mizuki Nana isn’t just for otaku anymore – though they definitely make up a strong core of her audience. She sure has come a long way from her early appearances a decade ago, though. Let’s take a musical journey through the many genres, styles, and songs of my favorite Japanese singer!

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The Sekirei girls

Now imagine them with wings and less clothes, and you have season 1.

Did you miss out on Sekirei, but are interested in the upcoming second season, Sekirei Pure Engagement? Well, have no fear – Aniplex and Square Enix are celebrating today’s release of the new “Yakusoku I’m With You” single with the release of a 5-minute music video that summarizes the whole first season. If you can’t read Japanese, the summary text won’t help much, but between the scantily clad girls and the superpowered brawling, you can get a pretty good idea of what Sekirei is all about.

“Yakusoku I’m With You” and its B-side, “Survive Baby Survive,” are the opening and ending themes of the Sekirei PS2 game, published in Japan by Alchemist.