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Three new anime shows were announced recently, in vastly different ways.

Persona 4 The Animation. The title pretty much says it all.

The most recent announcement, via a teaser website, was Persona 4 The Animation, based on the game of the same name. The cast stays the same as the game as well. Animation production will be done by AIC Asta (Sora no Otoshimono series), and the director is Kishi Seiji (Angel Beats!).

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For its 30th anniversary, Falcom is bringing its long-running PC and console RPG series Eiyuu Densetsu: Sora no Kiseki (English title, “The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky”) to screens later this year.

Estelle from Sora no Kiseki

Explore the legends of heroes with Estelle and friends.

Kinema Citrus (Tokyo Magnitude 8.0) will handle the animation production, and Tachibana Masaki (.hack://Quantum) will be the director. More details (such as dates, and a cast, or even whether it’s a TV or disc-only release) will be coming soon, I’m sure. The game’s main characters were voiced by Kanda Akemi (Akane in Cross Game) and Saiga Mitsuki (Mina in Darker than Black).

The game, “The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky”, is set to be released for the PSP by XSEED Games in the USA on March 24.