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It wasn't my thing, but it should find an audience.In a surprise move, NIS America, the American branch of Nippon Ichi Software, announced that it has moved into the American anime industry. The press release listed four anime titles that are set to be translated and released on DVD (and who knows, maybe via streaming or download): Toradora!, the 2008 vehicle for tsundere queen Kugimiya Rie, Persona -trinity soul-, the anime sequel to popular RPG Persona 3, Pandora Hearts, a strange gothic fantasy that borrows from Alice in Wonderland, and Our Home’s Fox Deity, a modern fantasy about an ancient spirit protecting a family from demon attacks.

It’s interesting that Toradora! went this long without an American company picking it up, and the other shows on the list are pretty interesting grabs too; even more interesting is how NIS America’s entry into the anime market will shake things up (if at all). More speculation on that after the jump.

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