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Did I really watch this show twenty years ago?

With anime companies on both sides of the Pacific constantly trying to latch onto the Next Big Thing before its shelf life expires, it’s nice to know that older favorites aren’t being neglected. Nozomi Entertainment, the anime arm of online retailer Right Stuf, announced its licensing of 1985 anime classic Dirty Pair for a DVD release.

The beloved ’80s sci-fi comedy anime features Kei and Yuri, who are troubleshooters and private investigators. The two ladies work under the codename Lovely Angels, but they’re better known as the infamous Dirty Pair, because their jobs tend to end with massive, indiscriminate destruction. They always get the job done, but they also tend to cause way more problems than the client bargained for.

My capsule description of this show doesn’t really do it justice – it’s like saying Touch is about a high school kid playing baseball, or that Cowboy Bebop is about gangsters. My memories of the show are pretty fuzzy after two decades, but I remember having a riotously good time watching copies of a friend’s laserdiscs back in the day. This anime was one of the gold standards of the ’80s, and I’m thrilled that Nozomi has DVDs ready for pre-order!