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The Code Geass front page image, this is for the holiday event and not the new project.

Warning: new Code Geass may not contain any of these characters.

This weekend, I spent my time testing out new combos in Baldr Sky Dive2 and watching football. The anime world, however, was busy trying to make up for a relatively light anime slate in this winter season by announcing 2010 anime in bunches.

This weekend brought us a bunch of announcements:

– A new Code Geass multimedia project, crossing anime, manga, music, and more.
Yojou-han Shinwa Taikei, an adaptation of a college-life novel by Morimi Tomihiko.
Giant Killing, a soccer manga getting an anime adaptation in time for the World Cup.
Yondemasu, Azazel-san, a story about a magical detective and the demons he enlists to solve mysteries.
Shinrei Tantei Yakumo, another supernatural detective story, with ghosts instead of demons.
Starry Sky, yet another “turn inanimate objects into impossibly pretty boys” project a la Hetalia and Miracle Train.
Moyashimon, the live action drama (yes, really).

Most of these won’t come around until Summer 2010 at least, with a few of these projects designated for Fall 2010, so barely any details are out about these projects. The Code Geass announcement is a bit more immediate and contains more details than the rest of these, so I’ll cover it later today.

Needs more chainsaws.

Image from VKL

ANN has dredged up the cast announcement for the live action drama based on Wallflower, and as expected, it’s full of popular young celebrities pulled straight from the Johnny’s Entertainment stable of boy bands.

Heading the list is Kamenashi Kazuya of from the hit factory KAT-TUN, who isn’t just another pretty face – he’s won acclaim for his acting in several roles, from his supporting role in Gokusen 2 to his star turn in Nobuta wo Produce. Two of his Johnny’s comrades will join him in supporting roles as two of the housemates: Uchi Hiroki and Tegoshi Yuuya of NEWS, whose acting skills are a bit more of an unknown than Kamenashi’s. The last member of the male cast is Miyao Shuntarou, a famous ballet dancer and model. Omasa Aya, a relatively new face in the world of Japanese drama, will take the title role of Sunako.

So, there you have it – one pop superstar who’s done some acting, three pretty faces, and the girl. Everything’s in place, and now it’s time to wait for the show to actually air. There’s a little bit of hope if Kamenashi and Omasa can carry the show, but otherwise I don’t really have much hope for the rest of the cast.

Needs more chainsaws.

Image from VKL

The popular manga Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge (released in English under the much more pronounceable title The Wallflower) already got the animated treatment back in 2006, but now the series is on track for a live action drama adaptation. The upcoming TV series was announced by the manga anthology that publishes the series, Bessatsu Friend, and provided a January 2010 date for the premiere.

I’m cautiously optimistic about this one, for reasons I’ll discuss after the jump.

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