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Are you okay? Buster Wolf!

This is why I like Kaede. She thinks she's helping.

In one of the happier announcements of the day, Sentai Filmworks added Nyan Koi! to its December release slate. The silly, cat-centric romantic comedy series was one of my surprise favorites of 2009, combining wacky comedy with occasional flashes of decent writing to become an above-average romcom experience.

So hurray for Nyan Koi!, and hurray for Sentai expanding its catalog a bit! My pre-order is going in today. You can see a description of the anime, as well as the opening and ending songs, after the jump.

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Ota, what is best in life?

Shinonono. Just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?

With Comic Market 78 coming this weekend, there is a helluva lot of fall anime being put on display in anticipation of the year’s biggest otaku event. First in line: Infinite Stratos, the girls-in-powered-suits sci-fi action/romcom from Eight Bit. A new 90-second trailer has been posted on the official site, and fans are already hailing the adaptation of Yumizuru Izuru’s light novels as the “next Sakura Taisen.”

It’s hard to argue with the enthusiasm. From the brief bits in the trailer, it looks great on both the mecha and cute girl sides of the equation. If this is the average quality we can expect from this series, it’s going to be a must-watch for me. I was a huge fan of Sakura Taisen back in its heyday, and with its “Only one boy can pilot these powered suits” premise, it hearkens back to the wonderful cheese that Sakura Taisen fans loved so much.

Plus, the cast they’ve assembled is pretty top-notch. The tsundere samurai miko is played by Hikasa Youko (Mio from K-On!), the British twin-drill is played by Yukana (Teletha Testarossa in Full Metal Panic!), the Chinese childhood friend is played by Shimoda Asami (Chihaya of iDOLM@STER), the French girl is Hanazawa Kana (Nadeko of Bakemonogatari), and the one-eyed German military girl is voiced by Inoue Marina (Yoko of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann). The main character isn’t very well-known, but then again, in a production like this, who cares about the guy?

I seem to have mixed up the caption and the alt tag. Oops!

Girls who are part robot confuse my boy parts.

The latest light novel to anime conversion is Infinite Stratos, a relatively new and unknown series by rising author Yumizuru Izuru. The science fiction series has sold 400,000 total copies over five books so far, which is a modest success but nothing to write home about – for comparison, the To Aru Majutsu no Index novels have sold 7.7 million over 20 books.

Infinite Stratos is about a world where a new type of powered suit can only be operated by women. This newtechnology, known as the Infinite Stratos (IS), leads to a revolution in society, changing the world into a matriarchy. But, since there are Rules about these things, a boy named Orimura Ichika accidentally activates an IS system and becomes instantly famous. “The only boy in the world who can use an IS” is immediately drafted into an elite IS pilot academy where, because there are Rules about these things, he runs into a lot of his childhood friends amidst the gaggle of cute girls who are all fascinated or threatened by his presence.

All of this is pretty much an excuse to have a high school romcom/robots hybrid, with a Strike Witches-style twist where the girls are hybridized with the mecha. There also seems to be a shortage of pants, judging from the book covers, but I am strangely okay with that.

The most interesting thing announced so far about this anime is that it’s going to have Kikuchi Yasuhito (Macross Frontier) at the helm, while Eight Bit (Macross Frontier: Itsuwari no Utahime) will handle the animation. I have a lot of faith in those two names, and that upped my assessment of this announcement from “another light novel to throw into the pile” to “This could explode in popularity like K-On!” Time will tell.

This is the image I found that is still safe for work.

Image from Media Factory.

When I started watching Asobi ni Ikuyo: Bombshells From the Sky early this week, I tried to go in without any prior expectations. The problem was that my sheer hatred for ToLoveRu (Trouble) tainted the “Cute alien descends to earth, hijinks ensue” formula for me. So imagine my surprise when it turned out that not only was the first episode of Asobi ni Ikuyo watchable, but I actually enjoyed it enough to fly right to the second episode.

More thoughts – and a recipe for creating your very own Urusei Yatsura clone – after the jump.

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100 sex friends? Yeah right...The spring anime season starts in earnest next season, and to get you excited for their cutesy romantic comedy, the makers of B-gata H-kei have released a trailer that is basically Tamura Yukari sounding cute. It’s not very hard for the girl to sound cute – she’s made her living on it, after all – but it’s a bit deceptive unless you actually know what she’s saying.

See, the little chant she’s chirping in the trailer translates to “Can I make 100 sex friends?” The show acts all cutesy and tries to pass itself off as a regular ol’ rom-com, but it’s really about a girl named Yamada who spends her whole waking life thinking about sex and how she can get it. This is a bewildering thing for the target of her boundless energy, the hapless Takashi, and the whole show centers on her many efforts to get him to ravish her.

If this still sounds cute to you, well – the show starts airing on April 1st, and I’m giving even odds that Crunchyroll will pick up this series for simulcast. Go on, give me a reason they won’t, I dare you!

Oh lord.MM! just became another entry in the “Light novels Dom should probably check out” file, since the publisher of Comic Alive just announced a TV anime project for the risque comedy.

MM! is one of those books that’s hard to explain to your friends – it’s about a young boy named Sado Tarou (A pun on “Sadist Boy”), who has an abnormal problem in his love life. He gets so excited by being verbally and physically abused, he’s afraid it’ll interfere with his ability to get a girlfriend and live a normal life. To find a cure for his masochism he goes to Isurugi Mio’s volunteer club, which claims to be able to fix any student’s problems, no matter how weird or freaky. Unfortunately for him, Mio is more than a little sadistic, so he’s in for a rough ride if he ever wants to live a normal life! And, because there are Rules about this kind of thing, poor Tarou ends up gathering a gaggle of girls who constantly make life more confusing for the bewildered young lad.

The anime doesn’t have a time frame, cast, or staff announced yet, but the drama CD had a pretty stellar cast – we’ll see if they can keep any of them for the anime, or if they’ll have to go the Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu route and shake up the entire cast.

I barely know what's going on, but I'm in!

Image courtesy of the Dengeki Moeou blog

Dengeki Bunko announced over the weekend that its popular Ookami-san light novel series is going multimedia, with a manga adaptation and anime project now in the works for the first book, Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi (“Ookami-san and the Seven Friends,” roughly). More info about the fairy tail-inspired school series, and why it’s like Super Robot Wars for fairy tales, after the jump.

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