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Yes, it really looks like this.Ono Natsume, the author of Ristorante Paradiso, now has two manga that have anime adaptations on his resume. The latest is House of Five Leaves (Saraiya Goyou), a period piece about a gang of kidnappers, headed by the silver-tongued and inscrutable Yaichi, who hire a timid ronin named Akitsu Masanosuke as their bodyguard.

According to the ANN article on the announcement, House of Five Leaves will air on Fuji TV in the Noitamina programming slot, which has hosted such popular anime as Nodame Cantabile, Paradise Kiss, and Moyashimon. Viz has been posting translated chapters of House of Five Leaves for several months now on their SigIkki website, and I have to say that in spite of the strange-looking art, House of Five Leaves is a fascinating read so far. I’m looking forward to 2010 more and more, after a dry spell in 2009!

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Samurai comedies? Sure, why not?The latest four panel gag comic to get an anime is Tono to Issho, a samurai-themed comedy from the minor publication Comic Flapper. The creator of the anachronistic Sengoku-era manga, Ooba Kai, jokingly refers to it as a “You-gotta-be-kidding-me anime adaptation” in the official announcement, continuing a long series of self-deprecating jokes about the series’ popularity – the manga is referred to as “That manga that sells well for some reason” in one of the motion comics.

Having watched a few of the motion comic videos, I’m still undecided on if I’m looking forward to this or not. It certainly has a few funny moments, but it’s not very good, to put it bluntly. Take away the part where it uses legendary samurai to pull off its gags and it seems decidedly mediocre. But who knows – the preview site says that more information about the January series will be available on December 5, so I’ll give it another look then. Check out some of the motion comics for yourself after the jump.

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Iron Man looks way better than Wolverine. Don't you think so?

It was an eventful weekend as I sat around the house watching football and playing Bayonetta, so let’s do a quick round-up of the various weekend tidbits from around the ‘net! This week’s round-up includes:

– A new trailer for the upcoming Gintama movie
– Two classics of anime, Prince Planet and Metropolis, now available for free
– Dates set for Madhouse’s Marvel anime

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