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Yup, Hattori Hanzou, the maid.Fresh off of the success of boobs ‘n’ brawls ‘n’ brains anime High School of the Dead, The Anime Network has acquired the streaming rights to boobs ‘n’ brawls ‘n’ bushido series Samurai Girls. Based on a popular figure series and subsequent multimedia blitz, the series promises pretty much the exact same things that High School of the Dead offers, but with maids and ninjas instead of schoolgirls and snipers.

While I appreciate that the show wears its intentions on its short, frilly sleeves, I’m not really feeling this one after getting bored by High School of the Dead. Those of you out there who already know you’re going to love this, well, I won’t judge.

The simulcast starts this Sunday at 1 AM Central time, and while the first couple episodes will be available to the public, you’ll have to get a premium subscription to see episodes 3 and beyond.



You want fall anime? Crunchyroll has your fall anime right here.

Yesterday, the anime streaming site announced a host of Kadokawa titles, including:

The World God Only Knows
Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
Squid Girl (Shinryaku! Ika Musume)
Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector
Sora no Otoshimono: Forte
Tegami Bachi season 2
Fortune Arterial

They also said that 13 titles from Kadokawa’s back catalog will be added soon, but this is a pretty spicy announcement as it is. While I’m still not very hot about Panty & Stocking, the Kaminomi (The World God Only Knows) anime has been high on my priority list ever since I first read the manga and went “Man, this is becoming an anime and soon.”

What are you guys looking forward to?

Well – what seemed inevitable, but certainly took its sweet time, was announced on Crunchyroll today: the hyper-popular Bleach is going to be simulcast on the streaming site starting next week.

According to their release, “All episodes will be available to all viewers, with the latest simulcast episode available for Premium Members one hour after TV broadcast in 480p and 720p, then available for all viewers one week later.” The simulcast is a joint venture between Crunchyroll, VIZ Media, Studio Pierrot, Shueisha, and TV Tokyo, which should greatly improve the quality of the subtitles over the usual Crunchyroll fare. Also of note, the Bleach anime will probably start showing up on and Hulu a week after CR’s exclusive simulcast period is over – just like Naruto Shippuden.

Between One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach, the holy trinity of Shonen Jump is now fully on the simulcast bandwagon, allowing American fans to catch up on the extensive backlog for these long-running shows.

Find more details in the official Crunchyroll announcement.

FUNimation starts airing the second half of the noitaminA block tomorrow, and as you can see from the subtitled trailer above, Tatami Galaxy is a huge departure from your average kids’ action fantasy or cute-girl-moe anime. The visuals are freakish and fascinating, the story looks deliciously twisted, and all in all, it looks like it’ll be a whole lot of fun.

Tatami Galaxy starts when a college dropout meets a man claiming to be a god of marriage at a ramen stand. Instead of the late-night snack he was looking for, he instead gets a flashback to his college days, when he and his friend went around destroying other people’s romances. The show looks like it’ll be a dark pleasure, and I’ll be tuning in tomorrow on FUNimation’s video site. Between Tatami Galaxy and The House of Five Leaves, this Spring season may not be a complete loss after all…

Yes, all of it. Today, FUNimation announced that the potential spring season savior Sarai-ya Goyou (AKA House of the Five Leaves) and lesser-known Tatami Galaxy will both be simulcast under its banner. The deal as announced covers future series that live in the noitaminA block as well, so this is a pretty big win for FUNimation. The noitaminA block has become a bastion of great anime in the past few years, with such hits as Nodame Cantabile, Moyashimon, and Honey and Clover.

It’s going to be great to get House of the Five Leaves out to a bigger audience, so I am all for this announcement!

This may be the closest we get to a Daibanchou anime.

Well, this is definitely out of the ordinary: it turns out that the Anime Network isn’t the only outlet for the simulcast of Ichiban Ushiro no Daimao! Crunchyroll announced today that it will also be streaming the high school fantasy/comedy. I wouldn’t go so far as to say this is unprecedented, but it’s interesting to see the same show licensed for the same medium by two different companies.

Boys love robots!

Crunchyroll has added in the latest announcement in the race to for online streaming rights, and it’s a pretty interesting one – the East-meets-West Heroman. The simulcast will be available every Thursday at 3 AM Pacific time, and while I’m not going to stay up for it, I’m definitely going to add it to my morning ritual. The collaboration of the legendary Stan Lee with Studio Bones has me fascinated, and I really want to see how it all plays out. Hit the jump for the list of countries covered by Crunchyroll, as well as their official synopsis of the show.

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This may be the closest we get to a Daibanchou anime.In a surprise first strike in the spring anime sweepstakes, the Anime Network just announced that it will be streaming the April fantasy/comedy anime Ichiban Ushiro no Daimao from its Anime Network Online site.  The former division of ADV Films will start streaming the show on Friday, April 2. Hit the jump for the text of the network’s press release – the best news is that the series will be available to all registered users, and won’t require the purchase of an Anime Network subscription. Hurray for gateway drugs!

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This is the best news of the year so far: Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu, which I consider the most entertaining show in recent memory, is not only licensed by FUNimation, but it’s on the fast track to release. Starting tomorrow, FUNimation is going to start streaming subtitled episodes of BakaTest, which it is calling Baka and Test – Summon the Beasts. Two episodes will be available initially, and while the translation catches up, FUNimation will be sure to add new episodes as they air each week.

I haven’t talked about BakaTest much on this blog, but now that it’s going to be readily available to English-speaking audiences (well, probably just American audiences due to FUNimation’s licensing deal), I’m going to sing its praises every week until you give in and watch the best anime comedy since Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu. Every week, I watch BakaTest and come away grinning like an idiot from the constant stream of perfectly timed jokes and snappy dialogue.

So, join me tomorrow on the FUNimation video site and support this awesome comedy! Who doesn’t like watching a bunch of idiots and misfits trying to climb over each other and win at life? From dating on a budget to Xeno’s paradox of infinite ramen and gender-confused romance, this series has it all!

Watch it, or I’ll sic Shouko on you.

I won't let you get away.

Love hurts. So does comedy, when it's very good comedy.

It's not gay if your swords don't touch, guys, remember that.

The weekend’s always a busy time for anime, since so many popular shows air on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Three of the big streaming highlights were the usual shounen fare, but there are some hidden gems with a lot of potential that you should keep an eye on, too.

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