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This may be the closest we get to a Daibanchou anime.In a surprise first strike in the spring anime sweepstakes, the Anime Network just announced that it will be streaming the April fantasy/comedy anime Ichiban Ushiro no Daimao from its Anime Network Online site.  The former division of ADV Films will start streaming the show on Friday, April 2. Hit the jump for the text of the network’s press release – the best news is that the series will be available to all registered users, and won’t require the purchase of an Anime Network subscription. Hurray for gateway drugs!

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This is the best news of the year so far: Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu, which I consider the most entertaining show in recent memory, is not only licensed by FUNimation, but it’s on the fast track to release. Starting tomorrow, FUNimation is going to start streaming subtitled episodes of BakaTest, which it is calling Baka and Test – Summon the Beasts. Two episodes will be available initially, and while the translation catches up, FUNimation will be sure to add new episodes as they air each week.

I haven’t talked about BakaTest much on this blog, but now that it’s going to be readily available to English-speaking audiences (well, probably just American audiences due to FUNimation’s licensing deal), I’m going to sing its praises every week until you give in and watch the best anime comedy since Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu. Every week, I watch BakaTest and come away grinning like an idiot from the constant stream of perfectly timed jokes and snappy dialogue.

So, join me tomorrow on the FUNimation video site and support this awesome comedy! Who doesn’t like watching a bunch of idiots and misfits trying to climb over each other and win at life? From dating on a budget to Xeno’s paradox of infinite ramen and gender-confused romance, this series has it all!

Watch it, or I’ll sic Shouko on you.

I won't let you get away.

Love hurts. So does comedy, when it's very good comedy.

It's not gay if your swords don't touch, guys, remember that.

The weekend’s always a busy time for anime, since so many popular shows air on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Three of the big streaming highlights were the usual shounen fare, but there are some hidden gems with a lot of potential that you should keep an eye on, too.

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The Durarara!! cast and style.

Well, that pulled us out of the doldrums pretty quickly. Both simulcast king Crunchyroll and anime market leader FUNimation dropped the names of big titles today, with FUNimation rescuing Gainax’s FLCL from the defunct Synch-Point/Broccoli, and Crunchyroll starting up simulcasts of Durarara!!

Both of these titles come with strong pedigrees. FLCL is one of Gainax’s best works post-Eva, though the collaboration from powerhouses Production IG and Starchild certainly didn’t hurt. It’s a festival of weirdness that I really hope has aged well – I’ll have to pull out my old DVDs and check, but it should be just as much fun as it was when it came out. FUNimation hasn’t yet announced what they’re going to do with Synch-Point’s original, fairly solid dub track, so that’ll be some news to look out for when they finalize contracts.

Meanwhile, Durarara!! comes with a strong recommendation from anyone who has ever watched Baccano!!, with its story of street gangs in Ikebukuro and the motorcycling Dullahan they all fear.

This is a pretty strong start to 2010 already, and both Crunchyroll and FUNimation are far from done with their announcements. Let’s see how it all plays out!

You can pretty much tell what all of their personalities are from this image.Crunchyroll is placing its bets on underpants this season, with its first simulcasts of the winter season being the bouncy-bouncy tale of Omamori Himari and Chu-Bra!!, the heartwarming tale of a bunch of middle school girls learning about sexy underwear and its many uses.

I’m only a little ashamed to admit that I’m going to watch Omamori Himari over the next few weeks, largely out of morbid curiosity but also from that accursed Y chromosome being so dang predictable. However, what I’ve seen of Chu-Bra! makes me feel dirty, so I’ll probably skip that one after watching a few requisite episodes for review purposes.

Are you guys going to be watching any of these fine fan service shows?