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Today on the website and official twitter account, the date for the next episode of Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai (“My Little Sister Can’t Possibly Be This Cute”) was announced. It’s coming April 26, at noon JST. That’s less than 4 days away.

All Kuroneko, all the time.

There’s also a preview up on the official site. I will update this post when I am able to embed the preview.

If you’ve been unable to sleep because you’ve been waiting for news on the next streaming episode of Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai (My Little Sister Can’t Possibly Be This Cute), well, you can sleep easy tonight. On the official web page, they announced the date of the streaming and the availability of the new trailer for episode 13.

When the Kirino's away, what do the black cats do?

Episode 13, “Ore no kouhai ga konnani kusatta wake ga nai” (My junior can’t possibly be this rotten) will be released to the ether on Tuesday, March 29, at noon Japan time. That’s midnight EDT, or 9PM PDT on Monday, for those of you keeping track on this side of the ocean.

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So, have you watched Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai (My Little Sister Can’t Possibly Be This Cute) episode 12 True Route? Did you think, “They can’t possibly end it like this!” Well, you’re right, and help is on the way. In the form of at least three more streamed episodes.

Picture only vaguely related to the story.

Episode 13, “Ore no kouhai ga konnani kusatteru wake ga nai” (My junior can’t possibly be this rotten) will be available in the last week or so of March. Episodes 14 and 15 are in production and are due to be released in April and May, respectively. No titles are available for 14 and 15 yet.

Kirino and Kuroneko, on their previously-mentioned twitter accounts, hinted at the contents of next month’s episode 13. In particular, Kuroneko mentioned that a new girl will be introduced. Hmm, I wonder who that could be… Well, we have about a month before we can see for ourselves.

Wakabaaaaaaa T_TI forgot to post a news bit when VIZ started streaming Vampire Knight over on But today, ANN uncovered their plan to stream Cross Game later this month and as a life-long Adachi fan, I am obligated to give this news all the love it deserves.

So, here goes: when Cross Game starts streaming online later this month, you need to watch it. Ookiku Furikabutte failed commercially over here, but Cross Game is one of those anime that transcends its baseball premise and appeals to all audiences. It has everything you’d want out of a high school drama, with baseball, romance, baseball romance, comedy, baseball comedy, generational struggles against authority, drama, and dramatic baseball.

Seriously, though, it’s one of the few stories in the last few years which has evoked strong emotional responses from me, from honest tears after Wakaba’s series-defining death at the beginning of the story to a sentimental smile at the romantic climax of the series. It seriously has something for everyone, and you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you skipped it.

The entire lineup

The whole VIZ Anime lineup - for now.

VIZ seems to be making a concerted effort to pull their properties in closer to the chest and improve their brand. Before, if you wanted to watch InuYasha, you had to go to the Shonen Sunday site or to Hulu. If you wanted to watch Naruto Shippuden, it was off to Crunchyroll for you, and if Bleach is what you were looking for, then, um, I don’t remember where Bleach lived. To fix that problem, is now open and offering all of Viz’s titles from the same place. Right now, it has over 400 episodes online, including the entire Naruto and Death Note series, 117 episodes of Bleach, and some lesser-known hits like Nana and Honey and Clover.

In the long term, it will be interesting to see if Viz Anime goes the route of Comedy Central, pulling its videos from Hulu and other sources in order to keep more of the ad revenue. For now, that’s pretty much a pipe dream. Viz’s videos are all coming from Hulu, and sadly, that means that this new site is still a no-go for those of you who are outside of the United States.

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