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Starchild released the first promo video for Mayochiki!, a new anime planned for the summer season.

The title is a multi-meaning pun on the abbreviation for mayonnaise chicken, and also for the term “lost sheep” (mayoeru hitsuji), so Mayochiki! is short for Mayoeru Shitsuji to Chikin Yarou (Lost Butler and the Chicken Dude).

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Boy, 2006 seems like a long time ago.

Sweet mercy, I go and take a break to staff AX and the anime companies unleash half of their big announcements! I’m glad I’ll actually have time during Otakon to post the news as it happens, because falling behind on AX feels like a mountain already.

So, here we go with the alphabetical company-by-company roundup:


Durarara!! (DVD)


K-On! (DVD)


Occult Academy (simulcast)
Tono to Issho


Kuroshitsuji II (simulcast)
Legend of the Legendary Heroes (simulcast)
Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~ (simulcast)
Sengoku Basara 2 (simulcast)
Shiki (simulcast)
Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail (DVD)
Darker Than Black ~Ryusei no Gemini~ (DVD)
Hellsing OVAs 5-7 (DVD)
Shakugan no Shana II (DVD)
Shakugan no Shana movie and OVA series (DVD)
Toaru Kagaku no Railgun (DVD)
Toaru Majutsu no Index (DVD)
Trigun: Badlands Rumble (DVD)

Ai Yori Aoshi (Geneon rescue)
Armitage III (Geneon rescue)
Haibane Renmei (Geneon rescue)
Hellsing (TV series) (Geneon rescue)
Serial Experiments Lain (Geneon rescue)
Tenchi Muyo (TV series 1 and 2, all three OVA series, and the movies) (Geneon rescue)
Texhnolyze (Geneon rescue)


Sora no Woto (DVD)
Revolutionary Girl Utena
(TV and movie)


Highschool of the Dead (simulcast)


Nurarihyon no Mago (simulcast)
Strawberry 100% (streaming)

Phew! What a list. Out of these, I’m most interested in the To Aru series, the Trigun movie, and the amusingly self-aware Legend of the Legendary Heroes. What are you guys looking forward to owning or watching?

You can tell every detail of the show just by looking at this.

Look at this picture, and you know exactly what to expect.

No one was surprised when Enterbrain announced that their popular PS2 romance game Amagami was getting an anime this summer. It was more of an inevitability than a dark horse, based on an age-old formula for creating harmless and profitable anime. Take a popular game full of cute girls, turn it into a harmlessly cute anime with a moderate budget, lie back, and roll around in merchandising money.

A trailer for Amagami SS is now available on the anime’s official website, and it’s everything you think it would be. Kind of cute, mostly harmless, and destined to be really popular with one segment of the population. Oh, and there’s ear-biting. That’s the big hook of this one, or something.

The logo for Digimon Xros WarsThis July, Japanese TV is resurrecting the Digimon franchise, a long-running kid’s show that features young children who can summon ever-evolving monsters to fight evil in the Digital World. Digimon Xros Wars is the first Digimon series since 2007, and in spite of myself, I really want to see every minute of this once it’s out.

Digimon found a lot of success overseas and was fairly popular over in the States back in 1999, but it tended to get overshadowed by the Pokemon juggernaut. The series sucked me in a lot more than the media giant, though. Digimon was surprisingly mature and and complex for its target audience. The characters were explored in more depth than your average Pokemon, and the plotlines tended to be much more serious and enthralling than the average lighthearted adventure. Plus, the original Digimon Adventure theme was badass. So listen to the awesome “Butter-Fly” and don’t judge me for wanting to watch Digimon in my adult life!

They're pretty, they're toony, they're all a little loony!

With the end of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood looming at the end of this season, Capcom has stepped up to make sure that the void is filled come summer. Sengoku Basara 2, the sequel to the fangirl favorite starring prettied-up versions of famous samurai, is all set to take over the popular Saturday 5 PM time slot from FMA (and, before that, Code Geass) once its run finishes.

If you’ve never xperienced the over-the-top glory that is Sengoku Basara, you can pretty much just look around for random screenshots and see how crazy it is. You have Date Masamune riding a horse that has cruiser handlebars and oudoing One Piece‘s Zoro by wielding six swords like some kind of medieval Wolverine. You have an androgynous Uesugi Kenshin, a bearlike Oda Nobunaga, and it just gets weirder and more over-the-top every episode.

It’s definitely not for everybody (as mentioned above, its prettified character designs and often unambiguous relationships make it a favorite of fangirls), but between the ridiculous action and the blatantly cheesy overacting, it’s often worth checking out to see if it’s stupid enough to be fun.

Anime no Chikara, bringing quality(?) since 2009.Occult Academy, the next show to appear in the Anime no Chikara time slot (after Sora no Woto and Senkou no Night Raid), has a pair of short trailers available on its website. While the all-too-brief spots show barely anything about the show other than a few references to the overused Nostradamus prophecies which mention 1999, it’s still worth keeping an eye on this show. Anime no Chikara is quickly establishing a solid reputation with both Sora no Woto and Senkou no Night Raid garnering generally good reviews, and Occult Academy could cement the time slot as a showcase for good anime.

Thanks to Kadokawa’s YouTube channel, you can now see a sneak preview of the zombie series Highschool of the Dead, due to come out later this year. Based on the survival action manga by Satou Daisuke and Satou Shouji, the anime has a pretty solid staff already, with director Araki Tetsuo (Death Note) and screenwriter Kuroda Yousuke (way too much to list) anchoring the production. Old reliable Madhouse is taking care of the animation, and while a date hasn’t yet been announced, I’m tentatively tagging this one for a summer air date.

From the trailer, it looks like this is pastiche B horror with a mild Japanese twist, between the T&A shots and the copious amounts of blood flying around. If that’s the case, even a horror wuss like me should be able to have fun with it!