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Robot beach episode yeeeeeah!

Robot + swimsuit episode = ???

Stan Lee’s Heroman continues to march on in anime form. While many of you probably dropped it after its plodding-but-necessary origin episodes, the official site now contains a trailer for the second half of the show that promises nonstop greatness in the near future.

The fusion of American comic and Japanese animation looks ready to kick itself into a higher gear, with an anti-hero standing in opposition of everything Heroman represents as well as a hero who now does a whole lot more than just shout and press a button to save the day.

If you’re not familiar with Heroman, I highly recommend watching it – but skipping to around episode 8. It has way more potential than its kiddie look and time slot would suggest, and once it gets rolling, it’s a huge blast to watch.

This can only end well. Right?Square Enix’s anime page announced today that Heroman, the collaboration between Stan Lee (X-Men, Spider-Man) and Studio BONES (Eureka Seven, Darker than Black), is set to air in April. The legendary comic book creator’s story, which follows a boy named Joey Jones after he finds the controller to a super robot he dubs Heroman, is the latest addition to a strong-looking spring anime lineup, which already includes Arakawa Under the Bridge, Giant Killing, and Kaichou ha Maid-sama!

I’m getting more and more excited as I think about what’s coming up in April, and it’s getting harder to wait two months for the new spring season to start…

Nananana-nananana-nananana-nananana RATMAAAAAAN!

This week’s Manga Monday is from an artist very near and dear to my heart: Inui Sekihiko, who made his professional debut drawing the excellent Comic Party manga. His latest work, Ratman, is both a love song to and a critique of the superhero genre, be it the Japanese tokusatsu hero or the American comic book superhero. It’s one of my current favorite manga, combining great art with a story and theme I can relate to from both an American and Japanese standpoint.

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