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Those of you who watched Lucky Star may remember Anime Tenchou, a suspiciously hot-blooded presence in an otherwise sprouting series. Well, it’s his tenth anniversary of being the mascot for the Animate store chain, and for some reason, UFOtable has been enlisted to animate a crossover anime between Anime Tenchou and the uber-popular Touhou shooting game series.

How this is going to work, I don’t know, but the possibilities make my head spin. I’m personally rooting for a whole lot of videos of people setting their Shoot the Bullet and Mountain of Faith CDs on fire for the audacity of introducing a male character into the yuri-tastic Touhou series, but at this point I’ll just be happy if Anime Tenchou sticks out like a sore thumb the same way Gouda Jouji stood out in Akane Maniax. That would certainly be epic – especially since Anime Tenchou and Gouda Jouji were both voiced by Seki Tomokazu.

Knowing my luck and the recent direction of the Touhou series, though, it’ll probably just be a montage of Shameimaru Aya running around kicking people’s asses while Anime Tenchou watches. I fell off the Touhou wagon right around when the second Shoot the Bullet came out for just that reason.

Anyway, how many of you guys are drooling in anticipation of this first officially licensed Touhou anime?