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Rukia... I mean Ruquia and her friends.I have no idea why I like the Quiz Magic Academy OVA so much. I like the arcade and DS games because of my undying love for trivia games and game shows (though my lack of a Japanese education hurts me when it comes time to answer social studies and history questions), but the OVA was a jumble of random fan service, miscellaneous comedy, and fan in-jokes. The trailer for the next episode of QMA is now available on Konami’s webpage, and it really doesn’t show anything that should impress – and yet I find myself vibrating in anticipation of its release.

I have no idea why, so if anyone can offer suggestions I’d be appreciative.

That's our Lina!Flash back to the ’90s with FUNimation’s dub of series revival Slayers Revolution, which not only brings back one of the biggest fantasy franchises of the last decade, but brings back the original dub cast well over a decade after Slayers last saw an American release. The style of comedy may seem a bit dated to modern anime fans, but the show is still worth watching. So check it out on FUNimation’s video site or the Slayers Revolution YouTube channel and see if the classic fantasy/comedy still works for you.

A major turning point of One Piece is coming this weekend too, as Luffy and Chief Warden Magellan finally meet face-to-face and fist-to-fist. The show’s really picked up the pace after some slow filler episodes, so you definitely shouldn’t miss this episode.

See you on Monday!

It's not gay if your swords don't touch, guys, remember that.

The weekend’s always a busy time for anime, since so many popular shows air on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Three of the big streaming highlights were the usual shounen fare, but there are some hidden gems with a lot of potential that you should keep an eye on, too.

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So, are you a fan of the Absolute Territory queen or the progenitor of Gar?

Head over to the official Fate/stay Night page right now and you’ll see a new Flash trailer that provides a fairly comprehensive overview of the all-new movie, which tells an alternate version of the story of the popular Fate/stay Night anime. The animation and the music, combined with the promise of less time for main character Emiya Shirou to stink up the joint, make the movie look very, very promising.

While I’ve seen Ponyo and Detroit Metal City in Japanese theaters, I am neither rich enough nor crazy enough to Japan for the express purpose of seeing a movie. The new Fate/stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works trailer and last month’s Macross Frontier movie have both sorely tempted me, though…

Wizards! At school! This idea has never been done before!

Over on Media Factory’s YouTube channel, they’re streaming a new promotional movie for the upcoming Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu anime. It shows off the characters and light comedy of the fantasy/school life anime, as well as a clip of the opening theme sung by relative newcomer Asou Natsuko. Check out the video after the jump.

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So, are you a fan of the Absolute Territory queen or the progenitor of Gar?

If you go to the official site for Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works right now, it’ll show you a brief streaming trailer of the upcoming movie, based on Type-Moon’s hit visual novel. The movie comes out January 23 in Japan, and I’m vibrating in anticipation – we’ve been having a great run of anime movies lately, and it looks like Fate/stay night will live up to the promise that the TV series fell short of: great animation, magical clashes between titans, and less time for Emiya Shirou to stand around whinging about how life is unfair.

The text says "Let's defy fate."The official Broken Blade site (AKA “Break Blade”) has posted up a trailer for the first segment of its upcoming OAV series, and while sadly you can’t watch it unless you’re in Asia, you can at least see the cast and story of the fantasy/mecha hybrid.

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