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Weird Wednesdays: Live-action Arakawa TV Drama, Movie

Posted on: April 13, 2011

No need to check the calendar, April Fool’s Day is really over. However, they really are making a live-action Arakawa Under the Bridge TV drama this summer, and a live-action movie for 2012.

If you thought it couldn't get more surreal...

In this week’s Young Gangan magazine, Square Enix and AUTB Partners announced the production schedule, as well as the actors playing Nino and Riku. There’s an official teaser website as well. Pics of the cast after the break.

Kiritani Mirei, Hayashi Kento as Nino and Riku.

Kiritani Mirei, primarily a fashion model, plays Nino. Up-and-coming actor Hayashi Kento plays Riku. In the next issue of Young Gangan, due out in 2 weeks, they promise to announce more of the cast.

Sister, from Arakawa Under the Bridge

What I want to know is, who plays Sister? Wait, maybe I don’t want to know.


2 Responses to "Weird Wednesdays: Live-action Arakawa TV Drama, Movie"

Norio Wakamoto! No, that wouldn’t work.

Whoever it is, they have to be TALL. Maybe some American VA that can speak Japanese?

Seiya, that’s a stupid question: The answer should be pretty obvious… Takehito Koyasu WEARING STILTS.

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