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Did I really watch this show twenty years ago?

With anime companies on both sides of the Pacific constantly trying to latch onto the Next Big Thing before its shelf life expires, it’s nice to know that older favorites aren’t being neglected. Nozomi Entertainment, the anime arm of online retailer Right Stuf, announced its licensing of 1985 anime classic Dirty Pair for a DVD release.

The beloved ’80s sci-fi comedy anime features Kei and Yuri, who are troubleshooters and private investigators. The two ladies work under the codename Lovely Angels, but they’re better known as the infamous Dirty Pair, because their jobs tend to end with massive, indiscriminate destruction. They always get the job done, but they also tend to cause way more problems than the client bargained for.

My capsule description of this show doesn’t really do it justice – it’s like saying Touch is about a high school kid playing baseball, or that Cowboy Bebop is about gangsters. My memories of the show are pretty fuzzy after two decades, but I remember having a riotously good time watching copies of a friend’s laserdiscs back in the day. This anime was one of the gold standards of the ’80s, and I’m thrilled that Nozomi has DVDs ready for pre-order!

Envious? Yeah, I am too.Over on the Trigun official movie site, they’re now streaming one last trailer before the movie makes its international debut at Seattle’s SakuraCon and then hits theaters in April. The trailer shows a bit of the story of the movie, which stars several new characters who apparently ran into Vash the Stampede when they were young and hold some kind of grudge against him – probably related to the Humanoid Typhoon coming through and ruining their hometown when they were young, but that’s just an educated guess on my part.

After reading Kekkai Sensen last week, I’m all psyched about Yasuhiro Nightow’s work again, and this makes me feel even more envious of those Seattle convention attendees who will be getting an advance screening. Argh!

Yeah, that won't cause anyone nightmares.

Aniplex’s site for Masunari Kouji’s science fiction adventure, Welcome to the Space Show, has opened with a trailer meant for the Berlin International Film Festival – to view it, click on the green “Trailer” button at the top of the page. Thanks to the international film festival, the trailer is subtitled and narrated in surprisingly good English. It looks like a great children’s adventure, following young Koyama Natsuki and her friends as they have one of the wildest summer vacations ever. After she and her friends rescue a dog who actually is an alien, they ride a jungle gym into space and meet all kinds of fun aliens.

This may sound simple and dull to you, but the team behind it is filled with all-stars, who previously worked on Kamichu! and the R.O.D. TV series. The animation looks as good as you’d expect from an anime film, and the backgrounds and other visuals look great too. The first look at this film will come in Berlin, but it’ll hit Japanese theaters later this year and, with any luck, it’ll see an international release shortly afterward.

Now this is the Trigun I remember...While it may be small news to some people that FUNimation picked up the license for a 12-year-old anime that has already seen at least three home video releases, there’s more here than meets the eye. I’m actually quite excited about FUNimation’s Trigun rescue announcement from this weekend’s KatsuCon.

Remember, the Trigun movie is coming this year, and FUNimation’s licensing likely foreshadows a domestic movie release. If it doesn’t, I’ll be highly disappointed, but FUNimation hasn’t disappointed me for such things before. Late 2010 is probably too optimistic, so let’s keep our eyes out for an early 2011 American release!

Macross Frontier - if you enjoyed the new Star Trek, you should enjoy this!

Because you want to share this kind of awesome with your friends.

Over on SideReel, I’ve posted the first part of a Beginner’s Guide to Anime series, designed to point people at anime that are good entry points to Japanese animation. Part one lists some science fiction shows that are easy to watch, easy to enjoy, and don’t require much knowledge of Japanese culture or other anime to be fun. Take a look and see if you agree, and discuss feel free to discuss the guide in-depth here, on SideReel, or on the AnimeReel Facebook fan page!