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Are you okay? Buster Wolf!

This is why I like Kaede. She thinks she's helping.

In one of the happier announcements of the day, Sentai Filmworks added Nyan Koi! to its December release slate. The silly, cat-centric romantic comedy series was one of my surprise favorites of 2009, combining wacky comedy with occasional flashes of decent writing to become an above-average romcom experience.

So hurray for Nyan Koi!, and hurray for Sentai expanding its catalog a bit! My pre-order is going in today. You can see a description of the anime, as well as the opening and ending songs, after the jump.

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Nice try, girls, but no dice.

Do you know what Love Live! is? Yeah, I bet you don’t. It’s a collaboration between Dengeki G’s magazine (Sister Princess), Lantis (a music label that includes Chihara Minori and Kuribayashi Minami), and Sunrise (Gundam) that seems aimed squarely at the iDOLM@STER crowd. The formula seems simple: take some relatively talented voice actresses and have them sing over cutely animated idols, then profit off of all the CDs and games.

At some point, though, the train to ludicrous guaranteed profits got derailed. Do you want to know how many copies the Love Live single “Bokura no Live, Kimira to no Life” sold in its first week after the August 25th release?

434. That is not a typo. Four hundred and thirty-four copies in its first week, good for 167th on the charts. Check after the jump on some of the reasons it failed so spectacularly.

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Star Driver, from Studio Bones, has everything required to be legendary. Giant robots? Check. Preposterous posturing? Check. Good animation and character designs? Check. A sense of humor about itself and a good feel for the ridiculous? Check and check.

Its main character calls himself the “Ginga Bishounen” (Galactic Prettyboy). How can this possibly go wrong?

I'm so glad this isn't a touch screen game.

Enterbrain has posted a brief teaser for the upcoming Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu OVA, filled with the series’ trademark insanity. It’s hard to call this a trailer since it’s really a gag video, but it’s funny, so I forgive it. The video is three fake scenes from a mobile phone dating game strung together, and it’s wrong on quite a few levels, especially if you try to make out what Hazuki is saying in her variation of the pinky swear.

I like it. The OVA does not yet have a release date, but will come before the second season hits the airwaves in 2011.

Yus!Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu fans like me are about to get a veritable smorgasbord of delicious BakaTest over the next year. The comedy series currently has a light novel series, a manga adaptation, two manga spin-offs, and a TV anime under its belt, and every one of those is running strong. Volume 8 of the novel comes out this month, a second TV season is coming in 2011, and now we can add an OVA adaptation to the family!

Kadokawa’s monthly Shounen Ace, which runs the main manga adaptation, just announced that an OVA bridge the first and second seasons of the wondrously stupid series. No details have yet been given, other than that it will be released before the second TV anime starts.

Hopefully, they’ll use this opportunity to get the series a bit more back on track – the first series was charming, but largely ignored the source material. The novels have been an absolute blast so far, and I’d love to see things like the baseball tournament and the haunted house get animated. Those stories are indescribably fun, and they’d make up for a lot of the filler that plagued the first season.

Also: more Shouko, please.

I won't let you get away.

Love hurts. So does comedy, when it's very good comedy.

Oh.Aaand, just when you thought that a new wave of mecha anime was going to sweep away all the ills of the anime world, we also got news over the weekend that the plotless blob of lesbians known as Kämpfer is going to have a new show.

In case you forgot, last year’s Kämpfer was based on a series of novels by Tsukiji Toshihiko, about a boy named Senou Natsuru who turns into a superpowered girl in order to fight other superpowered girls. Why they do it is never really explained in the anime series, and it is really just an excuse to get girls to shoot at each other, interspersed with scenes of them blushing at each other. It wasn’t particularly popular when it came out, but apparently it made enough fans to justify another shot at an anime. More details will be coming, probably after Comic Market this weekend.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to try and restore my faith in humanity. It may take some time.

Yeah... good job, Pac-Man animators.

Are you as excited as I am?

Over in the Twitter universe, a single post has sparked a lot of discussion – the official Bandai Namco Games twitter account announced that a Pac-Man anime is in the works for broadcast in 2012. It’s going to be in 3D, and in the opinion of this American blogger, it’s already a bad idea. How can you possibly squeeze 26 episodes out of a game as utterly simple as Pac-Man?

On the plus side, it looks like there’ll be more Pac-Man games and mazes released at the same time as the anime, so there is something to salvage out of this. As far as the anime itself: we’ve been down this road before, and we know where it leads.